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Penguins and Poems

A Poem Blog

  • Growing Up

    It’s weird how quickly I grew up.One minute I was getting in trouble for saying stupid,and the next I was taking the bus to my job.One minute I had only thirty minutes to play on the computerand the next I was staying up past midnight. It’s not just me.My brother used to be my best… Continue reading

  • First Poem (Careful)

    Hi! I’m Penguibunny! I am going to write poems on this blog. This is my first poem on this blog. Here goes! Careful Be careful when speaking to the child.Don’t be mean.That child will be a woman someday.Until then,she looks to you for guidance.So be both loving and strict.Go between what you knowand love her.… Continue reading

  • Hello World!

    Welcome to my blog! I’m penguibunny and I write poems. I might write a poem about penguins, because of the name of this blog. Nice to be here! Talk to you later! Continue reading

About Me

I’m an aspiring author and I write poems. I love cats. I used to play on club penguin, hence the name of this blog and my username.